Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Standing Still but Not Dying

I have hit a road block! My computer is broken. Apparently, hard drives die off after so long... Good to know, huh? So while my computer is dying, I'm not. Actually, my computer is being revived! I was super sad, but I feel like it's just an obstacle that I have to figure out how to overcome if I'm serious about sharing my journey. For now, I have my mother's computer to take over until she gets back from her vacation. Hopefully mine will be fixed pretty soon, so I can get back to writing when I want. I am really praying my blog post drafts were saved! When I draft posts, I do it in Word instead of online. I may change that policy! lol
So that's a quick update... I'm done for the count as far as online goes.


I have to say quickly that there's a great new sermon series at church that I can't wait to tell you all about! Soon!

Comment below any prayer requests you have, any situations needing a lift, or any praises that you just can't wait to share with people. God is good and will provide. And He will improve, too.

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