Monday, September 9, 2013


I have been struggling a little with God and His plan for me. Despite what you’re thinking right now, I’m not talking about “what I’m going to be when I grow up”… I’m still struggling with that one! I’m talking about the will of God in my life; how I’m going to be a disciple of Jesus, how I’m going to show the world His love, grace, and power.

During the last school year, I switched up Sunday school classes. I moved around a bit, trying to find the one at my church that I fit into the best. There are wonderful people in each room, great teachers everywhere I looked, and God’s presence and knowledge in every session I joined, no matter which room I landed in at 10am on Sunday morning. But something drew me back into “Homebuilders”, and I stayed there. I joined during the last few chapters of a book by Chip Ingram, “Good to Great in God’s Eyes: 10 practices great Christians have in common”. I read the book a little backwards, but the last few chapters that I read first were so phenomenal that I had to start the book over, and finish the entire thing.

Obviously I had joined this class at the appropriate time; else I’d have never found this book. Every single chapter had something in it that I needed to hear. But one chapter in particular just really resonated. I spent over a week on this chapter; praying to God that He would give me a dream that was great enough for Him. Ingram wrote about his “Big, Audacious Dream” for his ministry (you have to read it, I’m not going to give away the good parts of the book!), and as I’m sitting on my bed, I found myself simultaneously reading and praying to God: “God, please let me dream dreams this big! Work in me the way you have others; give me something to DO for your kingdom!” I've been pleading with him for something for weeks.

For the first few weeks, he sure taught me some patients. Through the patients and the quiet waiting time; the moments I would sit in my room, reading, praying, asking God for direction; I learned to listen. I learned that only in my quiet meditation and silence would He speak to me. God wants me to use my life to touch others… I am positive that it’s going to change sooner or later, or at least, it will grow, and I’ll be using a different method to do God’s will. But for now, social media, blogging, my testimony, and my life will be what God is using in order to show the world around me His love, His grace, His power, His will. I pray that I am not using my own dreams as His, claiming them to His will when they’re my wishes. Only time and God will show me if that is true. But for now, get ready for some revelations and some conversations with me and others via this blog, other social media networks, and perhaps even a text message or phone call on a personal level. I’m going to write about my journey with God. Finding Him (appropriately, my Sunday school class just got a new book to start. It’s called “Wild Goose Chase”, and it’s about finding the Holy Spirit. So this is going to be interesting and fun!), getting to know Him, and learning how to love and adore Him in the way He desires. I’m excited about the change in my blogging topic. I’m excited about getting to know God. I can’t wait to show you how amazing He is.

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